• This is a school-based inter-team competition that registration will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Each team comprises 6 to 15 students aged 12-18 years old (<19 years old before 1 August 2020) and 1-2 Coaches.

All Teams will participate in FTC Robot Games and FTC Judging.

FTC Robot Game
  • Team is required to build a robot according to the rules and perform the Robot Game. The duration of each match is 2 min 30 sec, which includes 2 distinct periods: Autonomous and Driver-Controlled.
  • Alliances are formed to compete in the Robot Game. There are two session in the Robot Game: Qualification Match and Elimination Match. Each Team is required to complete all Qualification Matches and compete for a higher rank to enter and choose the Alliance in the Elimination Matches. The winning Alliance in the Elimination Match can be advanced. The Alliance won in the final Elimination Match will be the “Champion Alliance”.

FTC Judging
  • Each Team is required to prepare a logbook to record all the detail in throughout the season. During the Judging, Team can present , by various means, their robot design, Team operation and competition publicity to the Judging Panal.

The winning teams may get the opportunity to represent Hong Kong to join the overseas tournaments competing and interflowing with teams around the world.

Each FTC Team must prepare
  • HK$1800 Enrollment Fee (Successfully enrolled team can join a consultation session at school)
  • 2 Android mobile phones
  • Rev expansion hub / Modern Robotics controllers
  • At least one F310 Logitect Gamepad Or Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
  • The cost of materials for developing solutions

FTC Other Information
  • Field Set and Equipment Ordering FormExcelPDF
  • Application for reissue the "Warranty and Official label": Click Here
  • FTC Game ManualPart1Part2